Online Coaching

I am currently available for online coaching. The Pricing is $150.00 to $200.00 per month, depending on your package.

The Setup


Very limited avaiablility. I am currenly accepting only 5 to 10 lifters for 2 months (60 days for actual agreement for the sake of logistics).  To be eligible I need an email submitted to with the title "Candito Training Coaching" the following information:

Background - Include a quick description of yourself along with your goals.  A single paragraph here is ideal.

Current Stats - any relevant numbers list them here. Minimal explanation is ideal. Max on big 3 lifts, height, weight, etc.

After submitted, I will respond if you are chosen.  First responses will take precedence.  More information will be gathered as I will not throw BS cookie cutter programs your way (I have my programs entirely free to the public for those who cannot afford coaching). Ideally we have everyone start concurrently for these 60 days.

Where to Find Us:

Jonnie Candito

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