Purpose Of Service - My videos regarding technique for the basic lifts are centered around general principles as well as addressing common issues.  However, this service allows me to offer more well defined advice since I address specifically what adjustments you need to make based on your individual needs.  


Recording Footage - You can record any of the following lifts: the squat, conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift, bench press, front squat, and a deadlift variation.  Don’t feel required to record all of these movements, for example I anticipate many will just want to me analyze their squat and deadlift.  Now as far as the recording process, it is crucial that you entire body is visible on video (especially important that I can see your feet).  Also, I strongly recommend a camera angle which is neither straight forward nor strictly a side view for all of the lifts except the squat.  For the squat, I actually recommend two camera angles, both a side and straight forward view.  However, I understand that many may not be able to get both angles, so simply having one angle in between forward and the side would still work for the squat as well.  These are just suggestions so that I can give you the best response possible, I will look at whatever you send me.  Just keep in mind my perspective.  For example I won’t be able to help you very much if I just have a straight forward view of your deadlift.  


Sending Me The Footage - Upload your video to youtube, either as one video or multiple videos, it doesn’t matter to me.  I suggest you adjust the settings to make the video(s) “unlisted” which will essentially make it into a private message as only people with a direct link can see the footage.  After uploading, email me at  Note that prior to this step you must of course purchase this service via paypal.  It is mandatory that you email me with the same email address which is connected to your paypal account.  Otherwise, I will not look at your email because looking through the paypal emails is the only way I can confirm that you did in fact pay for the service.  When you do send me the video, title the email “Form Check [insert full name]”.  Then write “Primary Concerns” to start the message.  Then in list format, briefly describe additional information that pertains to your form.  It could be that you have knee pain when squatting, you have inflexibility in a particular muscle, or just that you want to bring up a specific form problem to ensure that I address it.  I want this in list format to keep everything as concise as possible to information that I need to know.  After listing your primary concerns, write down your height/weight to close the message.  


My Response - After examining your footage, I’ll write back breaking it down by each lift.  I won’t write in a way to that is solely for the sake of sounding impressive, rather I am only worried about giving you the information you need to know in a way that is easy to understand.  After going over each lift, I will then write at the end recommended training adjustments to help you not just know what to fix but also how to ensure that you can actually implement the changes.  Also I want to make it clear that I cannot have a back and forth conversation with you via email as I want to make this service straight to the point and very affordable.  Please save any quesions after the initial response for the 1 week update portion.


1 Week Update -  If you choose to, you can send me an update video within 1 week of my response.  This is to help you if you are still concerned about how you are applying my advice.  You don’t have to resend me all of your lifts if you are just still concerned about 1 particular movement.  Make this message a reply to my initial response so that I can easily see our whole conversation.  In this email you can just write what you are still concerned about, and I will respond in a less structured manner than the initial response.  Even though this is less structured, please still make sure to keep this part concise as well.  

Pricing - The price is subject to change.  If I get to be far too busy then I’ll have no choice but to adjust the pricing.  Previously I charged too low and had to stop offering the service due to taking longer on each one than the price justified on my end.  If you are not satisfied, for example I don't have much to change, then 100% refunds will always be given upon request.




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